The first time I saw you, I hated you.

I remember I told myself: I am not going to live in this house, it scares me.
But I did, and you’re been not just a house, not at all.
There is so much of me inside these walls, so many memories flying around here that I can touch them.

I can clearly see them, one by one, and I can live again these two years of my life.I lived the best and worst moments of my life, here.
I had the best and worst thoughts there, near that window.
This house has been my home, my shelter, my safe place in a cold and bad world, and it’s not easy to say goodbye.
Especially when I leave a part of me doing this.
I feel different, grew up, after have been living here.
I will always remember you, as the house “I am Winter” is born in.
And everything began.


📸: @iamwinter

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