Wedding Station | Berlin, Germany | c. 1872

The Berlin-Wedding is an underground rail station in the Wedding locality of Berlin serving the S-Bahn lines S 41 and S 42 and the U-Bahn public transit line

The Wedding S-Bahn station first opened on May 1st 1872 as part of the Berlin Ringbahn, a circular line traversing many of the central districts of the city. The service, however, was disrupted in 1961 by the building of the Berlin Wall and Wedding S-Bahn station went out of use in 1980 after passenger numbers on the route fell to unsustainable levels

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, many disused S-Bahn routes were gradually reinstated. Wedding was the last station on the line to be reopened on June 16 2002, a date which was nicknamed Wedding-Day, a pun based on the clash of meanings of the word ‘wedding’ in English and German

The name ‘Wedding’ actually has nothing to do with marriage. This area in Berlin was named after the 12th century nobleman Rudolf de Weddinghe, and is the only district to be spelled with a definite article–Der Wedding.

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